I truly believe the body has an innate ability to heal itself. It just needs the right environment. I have been registered as a Massage Therapist for over a decade, dedicating my practice to helping others realize their optimal health. I'd rather help you fix the problem than treat the symptom. Often, the symptoms (usually pain) go away after correcting the issue.

There are many branches in the tree of Massage Therapy and I like to know as many of the as I can. I have completed many courses ranging from very subtle energy work to more intense treatments of the body's biomechanics, posture and joint function. All of those modalities have a place within your treatment regimen.

I have been told on countless occasions that I have good hands, meaning I excel at feeling and responding to the tissue and treating accordingly, always within my client's tolerance. I never force the body to do something it doesn't want, rather I help guide it to it's natural state.